Bald Eagles that is....
I have the distinction of being the climber allowed to erect the nesting platforms to entice more nesting pairs to return to the 1000 islands region this spring.

The Bald Eagle was once native to this area, but hunting, human population, loss of habitat and the use of DDT pesticides decimated the population here.

But, they have since 1999 been making a slow recovery here.

Thanks in a large part to a small group of volunteers headed by Bud Andress of Hill Island, and Martin Streight of the Leeds and Grenville Land Stewardship Council.

I climb the trees that are chosen and erect the large nesting platforms that the eagles will hopefully find, and subsequently come back to each year, adding to the nest.

some of these nests measure over 9 feet in diameter!

I'm about to install my 3rd platform north of Kingston, hopefully all of them will host a pair of these magnificent icons of the avian world.

I'm truly blessed to be a part of this.