I see it all over Brockville and the surrounding area.  I have seen it being done by other "tree service" companies.

Why they continue to practice this harmful practice is beyond me, do they not read up on the latest in aboriculture practices?

It does nothing except do irreparable damage to the trees structure and form; the tree becomes a management nightmare.

Please! do NOT go with any company that touts this practice and talks willingly about it as if it is common; it is not anymore...

While we are on the topic of pruning, remember, winter is the PRIME time to work on your beloved trees.

We can prepare them for the upcoming winter storms, and if the weather accounts are right, it is going to be a La Nina' winter.

this is the same system that brought us the harsh winter of 3 years ago.

we can do any deadwooding and potentially hazardous limb removal with zero chance of harming the tree and lawn.

No insect or airborne fungus is present to infect the tree.

Call us today and get a free estimate!

We also install holiday lighting in hard to reach trees, don't risk a ladder-fall, call us and have it done professionally.