It seems to me that my pile of climbing gear is ever-growing...we as arborists on a whole, have an affinity for collecting mountains of toys!

I say toys, but actually they are tools, although we get paid to work in and about your trees; for us it is fun as well as work.

Let's see, I don't think at any point in the last 2 years that I did not have some new gadget either on the way, or recently arrived.
But, this is okay, we have to figure out what works for us, making us safer, more efficient and ultimately, better at our job.

We may spend the time and money in new equipment, but in the end, the savings and experience get's passed on to you, the client.

I know there are companies out there who do not have this obsession with new gear, and that is okay' providing they are still working safely and expediently.

It is the "companies" about that rely on a ladder, a beat up old linesman harness and a chainsaw that worry me.

and they should worry you too.

It takes more than fancy gear to make a good climbing arborist though, it takes experience and a thorough knowledge of techniques and the trees you are working in/on to be effective.

I think there is a correlation between the arborists who invest in up to date gear and the quality of work they do.

It shows that they have an interest in performing to their utmost for the clients, and that they take great pride in knowing how to use all the fancy bells and whistles to do the job at hand to the best of their ability.

What we do is not for anybody, it takes a certain amount of raw athletic ability and guts to be a climber.
This is why you the client will search out the most qualified arborists to do the job.

don't be afraid to ask questions, after all, it is you money and your trees on the line right?

okay, so what do I have on the way this week?  hmmmm....some new spider legs, a new loopie sling, and a new Treemotion arborist saddle, perhaps the best in the world right now? we'll see ;)

cheers and climb safe!