It has been a bit since I last wrote, it seems life and work take time away from this.   a lot has changed, I am busier than ever, and my climbing style has completly changed, I now climb 100% on SRT or single rope technique.

what does this mean? it means that I can work faster, more efficiently, and safer, and this translates into big savings for you, the customer.

We have upgraded our equipment to this style and have recently gone to hands-free bluetooth in out helmets to communicate very quietly and make the job safer and more expedient.

we will also be offering PHC  plant health care and vaccination of ash trees against the onslaught of EAB.

and we will be offering island tree work, for those areas where the boom trucks can't go.

this last December we had a pretty devastating ice storm, nothing like '98, but bad nonetheless, so please contact us for a free estimate on cleaning up any damage to your trees.

take care and have a great 2014 spring!