Well, as of January, 2015, we at Gibson Tree Care have decided to become a strictly "care only" company, and will no longer be active in the removal aspect of the tree business, unless it is 100% needed for safety.

I have done this to carve a niche' out in the highly competitive market.

removal guys are a dime a dozen, you need no knowledge of tree biology to remove a tree.

I want to become know as "the go-to guy" when it comes to all things tree care.

pruning, deadwooding, inspection, dynamic and static cabling, consultation, new construction advising, root pruning, PHC, compost tea 100% natural fertilizing, satellite reception pruning, vista pruning, island work, cottage work, cat rescue.

if any of the above is needed, you know who to call!

we provide the care, not the kill :)

happy 2015 to all.

Cary Gibson, owner and arborist at  www.gibsontreecare.com