Went on an estimate last week, it was for an older gentleman on the river, he had been there since '64.

the first thing he asked was that he wanted me to top his trees, I explained to him why i would not top them.

I went into great detail on the reasons why a tree should never be topped, and how with a regime of proper care, i could bring them back to a somewhat healthy state.

He listened very interestedly, told me he would call me .

Well he did, and it seems he got the same hack company that topped them last time.

Sometimes logic and reasoning will not work.

We need to educate the general public as to the proper methods of tree care and health.

I'm sure the trees were spiked AND topped, both of which will harm the trees, possibly killing  them.

But I happily refused to top the trees, and you know what?

I'm not losing sleep over it!

remember, TOPPING is BAD!!!