Unfortunately, not all cats that get into a tree can come down on their own. they can stay in the tree for days or even weeks until they die from exposure and dehydration.

There have been documented cased of cat skeletons being found in trees by tree workers.

We at Gibson Tree Care offer a humane and safe method of getting a cat out of a tree, regardless of height and because we are climbing arborists; we can get into any tree, anywhere and at anytime.

We spend a lot of money and time on our pets, they become members of our families; but unlike dogs, cats will and do like to climb trees out of instinct and curiosity. Most times they will find a way down on their own, unless it has been up for more than a day.

Don't wait for it to come down if it have been up there longer than 24 hours, call Gibson Tree Care at 613 865 7828, or 613 803 2150 , we will come at the earliest possible notice.

Remember, the fire department won't rescue your cat anymore, but we will happily bring your feline family -member back to you unharmed!

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