No more killing!

January 8, 2015
Well, as of January, 2015, we at Gibson Tree Care have decided to become a strictly "care only" company, and will no longer be active in the removal aspect of the tree business, unless it is 100% needed for safety.

I have done this to carve a niche' out in the highly competitive market.

removal guys are a dime a dozen, you need no knowledge of tree biology to remove a tree.

I want to become know as "the go-to guy" when it comes to all things tree care.

pruning, deadwooding, inspection, dynamic and static cabling, consultation, new construction advising, root pruning, PHC, compost tea 100% natural fertilizing, satellite reception pruning, vista pruning, island work, cottage work, cat rescue.

if any of the above is needed, you know who to call!

we provide the care, not the kill :)

happy 2015 to all.

Cary Gibson, owner and arborist at


it's been awhile

March 10, 2014
It has been a bit since I last wrote, it seems life and work take time away from this.   a lot has changed, I am busier than ever, and my climbing style has completly changed, I now climb 100% on SRT or single rope technique.

what does this mean? it means that I can work faster, more efficiently, and safer, and this translates into big savings for you, the customer.

We have upgraded our equipment to this style and have recently gone to hands-free bluetooth in out helmets to communicate very qui...
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January 1, 2012
Well, I have been busy and this a good thing! as I type this out on my mac, I think back to the 2011 season and how successful it was, mostly due to you, my customers!

2012 plans on being a great year, I'm excited about new advertising , some new products and techniques I'm learning, new training courses and becoming ISA certified.

there is a possibility of being part of a reality TV show based on professionals who work at height, this is very cool.

I want to continue to learn and grow and to pr...
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Gear Junkie?

February 1, 2011
It seems to me that my pile of climbing gear is ever-growing...we as arborists on a whole, have an affinity for collecting mountains of toys!

I say toys, but actually they are tools, although we get paid to work in and about your trees; for us it is fun as well as work.

Let's see, I don't think at any point in the last 2 years that I did not have some new gadget either on the way, or recently arrived.
But, this is okay, we have to figure out what works for us, making us safer, more efficient and...
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Bald is Beautiful!

January 9, 2011
Bald Eagles that is....
I have the distinction of being the climber allowed to erect the nesting platforms to entice more nesting pairs to return to the 1000 islands region this spring.

The Bald Eagle was once native to this area, but hunting, human population, loss of habitat and the use of DDT pesticides decimated the population here.

But, they have since 1999 been making a slow recovery here.

Thanks in a large part to a small group of volunteers headed by Bud Andress of Hill Island, and Martin...
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continued topping....

November 22, 2010
I see it all over Brockville and the surrounding area.  I have seen it being done by other "tree service" companies.

Why they continue to practice this harmful practice is beyond me, do they not read up on the latest in aboriculture practices?

It does nothing except do irreparable damage to the trees structure and form; the tree becomes a management nightmare.

Please! do NOT go with any company that touts this practice and talks willingly about it as if it is common; it is not anymore...

While we...
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Late season pruning and the EAB threat.

September 17, 2010
Late season, fall and winter is the very best time to do work on your trees.

1) The trees are dormant

2) Zero chance of insect infestation or attacks from fungus

3) less clean up due to the leaves having dropped.

4) It allows the arborist to see the structure of the tree and to provide the best possible corrective pruning.

5) the frozen ground is more conducive to having loads possibly hit it and the lawn damage is minimal.

6) deadwood/rot is much easier to see and to remove without a dense canopy ...
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Old Habits die hard...

August 2, 2010
Went on an estimate last week, it was for an older gentleman on the river, he had been there since '64.

the first thing he asked was that he wanted me to top his trees, I explained to him why i would not top them.

I went into great detail on the reasons why a tree should never be topped, and how with a regime of proper care, i could bring them back to a somewhat healthy state.

He listened very interestedly, told me he would call me .

Well he did, and it seems he got the same hack company that top...
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Summertime pruning

July 27, 2010
Pruning in the summer can be beneficial to a tree, but we need to follow the 20-25% rule; NEVER prune more than that, it stresses the tree too much.

Also, if pruning an elm in Dutch Elm disease areas like ours, make sure special precautions are taken to prevent spread of the disease from a diseased tree to a healthy tree.
We clean our handsaws and chainsaw chains thoroughly with a special cleaner that removes any trace of the fungus.

Another thing to do in the summer  when it is very easy to see...
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Improper tree care practices

June 1, 2010
As I am around doing estimates and jobs, I notice that there are still "professional" tree companies using outdated , harmful practices to complete their work, but they are "established" and most people in this area are unaware that there is a right way and a wrong way...the 3 major big rollers in my hometown? they are the worst offenders around.

Topping trees??? ridiculous! I have walked away from easy money by refusing to butcher a tree in this manner. The reason i get most of the time when ...
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