Why hire an arborist?

There are many "tree removal" companies out there, some are professional, some are fly-by-night companies, or basically, a few guys with ladders and chainsaws. A professional certified arborist has undergone intensive on the job training for a minimum of 3 years, then has to write a very comprehensive exam to become certified. And the learning does not stop with the passing of the exam; you have to earn CEU's or "continuing education units " and re-test every 3 years to remain certified. A professional arborist will be able to determine the best plan of action for your trees.

But be sure that a piece of paper does not an arborist make...Years of in-tree learning and studying trees, soil, biology, diseases, etc. make an arborist. You need someone with a mix of good common sense, a caring attitude for your trees and above average physical climbing skills to make a proficient arborist.

99.9% of the working population can't do what we do every day with confidence and pride.

Trees are an important investment, do not skimp on their needs, hire a pro .

We are not a tree removal company, we are a professional arborist company, there is a difference when it comes to providing care for your trees, right from the roots to the crown.

Is tree work expensive?

Well, it can range in price. routinely, a small to medium pruning job can be up into the hundreds of dollars, whereas a  very large pruning job or a removal can  be  more due to the size and complexity of the work.

Tree work is a very specialized and can be a dangerous job, it pays dividends for both you and the tree(s) to get the work done properly the FIRST time!

Again, you are making an investment in the future of both your property and the future of the planet. Use this analogy; if you need an extensive surgery, do you go to your GP? no, you go to a specialist-the same applies to your tree care.

BEWARE of lowball or ridiculously low bidders, and I do see a lot of "new" tree service companies in the papers...What I DON'T see is a tag-line stating they are fully insured... We invest a lot of time and money in the proper training, equipment and knowledge to do the job right, plus we DO carry insurance to keep  both you and us safe. Low bidders will not have such insurance,be sure to ask for proof of insurance. I will be happy to provide our proof of insurance without question. I am not the cheapest around, but I think we are the best in this area at professional tree care with the most modern methods.

Why bother with a lot of money expenditure on my trees?

- Trees act as natural carbon filters

-1 tree will absorb about 13 pounds of Co2 per year and give off o2 in return

-Trees will shade and cool a home in the summer, reducing AC costs by up to 50%!! they also act as windbreaks in the winters to help heating costs.

-They increase property value, provide homes and food for wild animals, and they recharge groundwater, while sustaining water flowage.

  * In short? trees add to the comfort, value and aesthetics of any property, maintaining the trees we have now is a better option than removing them and re-planting smaller trees that will take a lifetime to mature.

Why hire Gibson Tree Care?

 Knowledge- We are a professional company with an extensive knowledge base in aboriculture, we can determine the best action for your trees, and can carry it out safely and without risk to persons and property.

Equipment- We use only the most modern means to complete the work on your trees, I'm constantly up-grading new gear into our inventory to make the job easier, safer and more "green".

We are a "green" company-  because we utilize climbing as our access to your trees, we alleviate, noisy, messy ozone depleting diesel fumes from the environment. We are also low impact; since we do not use big boom trucks, soil compaction and lawn damage is non-existent. we have also switched to bio-degradable chain oils that are  animal and plant based, while our competitors still spew eco-system damaging petroleum based oils unto the ground, where they are then absorbed into the earth and eventually, the groundwaters...

We are NOT  a tree removal  company - because with professional care, we can save your trees by pruning, cabling , bracing, fertilizing, etc. I see some of the other long established tree services in our area deviating from the mandate of helping to make the earth a better place.  Improper pruning practices, climbing with spurs to prune, taking more than the 20-25% on a pruning jobs, improper cabling practices, the list is long.

It seems the bottom-line is all that is cared about, and I admit I do need to make a living too, but I have extremely high standards and I will WALK away from a job where I am asked to TOP a tree...We need to draw the line here and now ,and get the very best care for our trees that is out there.

With this, I am HAPPY to help!

 And remember,we are also saving a vital part of the eco-system, every tree saved is good for us and the planet. We would do well to keep this mantra in our minds, "trees can live without us, but we cannot live without them..."

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