I think everybody has climbed at one point or another; it is part of human nature, and part of being a child.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in place with big, wild trees.

Most of my fond childhood memories are affiliated with trees of some type.

I climbed them (higher that any of my friends I might add), made tree forts in them, and swung from vines in them, and for years, bowhunted from them.

I would spend hours in the wood behind my Grandma’s house at Long Beach, just climbing and exploring. This point in my childhood was greatly influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs’s fictional character, Tarzan…I wanted to be like him and in my young mind, I was him; at least when I was swinging from tree to tree on the wild vines that filled the trees.

About 20 years ago I became involved with a couple of different employment forays with the Leeds Grenville Stewardship program, on a few work crews.

This little-known (but growing) organization which is an offshoot of the MNR is a pioneer when it comes to protecting, re-establishing and monitoring the natural places in Leeds and Grenville.


Being part of those crews and living the practice of ecology heightened my awareness of the natural world that we are all part of. Through the program, we were taught proper chainsaw safety and modern, up-to-date pruning practices, that I still do to this day religiously.

I hooked up to help an ex-MNR employee who was a climber/cutter. I worked for him on and off for 2 seasons before branching out on my own.

I have since been working on perfecting my craft and providing my clients with the most professional, modern tree-care that I can give.

Trees and nature have always fascinated me, being in them makes me feel like part of a much older and bigger entity. They have seen much, lived through much, and are a living, breathing being that makes life on this planet possible.

I feel much more spiritual and closer to nature while in trees, for me, they are my church, my solace and my freedom.

For reference, I am interested in starting a recreational tree climbing group in this area; if interested, please contact me at

Gibson Tree Care

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