Shown above are examples of the" Branch Saver " dynamic cabling that we install

Below is a handy temperature conversion scale, remember winter is the BEST time to prune your trees!

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 We offer:

     -    WE DO NOT  SPECIALIZE IN REMOVALS  we are a "treecare" company, not a removal company, I do them when deemed 100% necessary.


-         Proper and safe co-dominant pruning and dead-wooding, done in accordance to ANSI standards.

-    We can transplant or plant new trees.

-    We offer fertilizing options to improve the health of the tree.

-    Root structure inspection is available via "air-spade" to avoid tool- damage to delicate root systems.

-    PHC and compost -tea fertilizing, 100% biodegradable! 


-         Non-invasive restoration and improvement of tree health.


-         Tree assessments, to determine best action needed and to evaluate for either saving or removing a tree hazardous to persons and property.


-         We offer non-invasive tree friendly high dynamic cabling that is easily adjustable as times goes by, unlike steel cable which once in, it’s fixed.

-  We can do island work as well, our style and equipment make it easy to do any job on any island, give us a call!

-    I also offer cat-rescue, with my method of climbing and ability to climb in any tree regardless of space limitations; I can safely and humanely , bring your family pet back to the ground.  Regardless of what people say, sometimes cats can't get down, and unfortunately, die in the tree for dehydration. Please call me asap if you have a cat rescue; I will be happy to go and get it out for you!

-         We can install and De-install holiday and specialty lights high in trees


-         Hedge and ornamental flowering  tree pruning and trimming


      -   We use only bio-degradable, earth-safe chain oil and 2 cycle oil.





Topping trees is an archaic practice that should never be done, PERIOD. Any tree company that agrees to top trees is not a true arborist service and should be avoided at all costs. By topping you take half of the food source away in one shot, leaving the tree scrambling to try to recover and replenish food supplies. "If" the tree recovers, long term prognosis is bad and it will never recover it's natural, strong form.


Young trees can be shaped into pleasing configurations by careful pruning by an arborist.  This could very well spell doom for the affected tree. Please, do not ask us to top healthy hardwoods, there are other safer practices we can offer.

There is the action of crown reduction that can be utilized to reduce the height of the tree safely, and we can also tip-reduce limbs to lighten them and bring them up off structures.


 These trees were viciously topped by a major tree company here in Brockville, the clients were told this was good for the trees and would make them safe. This company is making real arborists look terrible and are making our trees look worse! please, do not opt for topping your trees, call Gibson Tree Care for healthy options!

Gibson Tree Care

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